What Causes Stretch Marks

A well maintained body and figure is every woman’s desire. Exercise and diet will help you get that. However, if your body has stretch marks on it, you cannot flaunt your body. Stretch marks are usually caused during and after pregnancy due to the stretching of the stomach. However, pregnancy is not the only reason for stretch marks; there are many more reasons. Not only women but men are also affected by stretch marks. Hence, if you are also one of them and are seeking treatment for these marks, you should first know what causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are basically caused when the body cannot produce enough of collagen to make up to the production of cells in the epidermal layer. However, there are various reasons for the production of cells to increase. These are the actual causes for stretch marks to appear. Below is the list of things that actually cause stretch marks.


During pregnancy, the stomach experiences sudden growth of cells from within the body and so it stretches. The body cannot balance the production of cells and the production of collagen. This is the reason what causes stretch marks. Pregnancy is the common reason for most women to experience stretch marks in their abdomen.


Pregnancy is not the only reason for stretch marks. Many people wonder what causes stretch marks besides pregnancy! Sometimes, puberty can also cause stretch marks. Growth spurt during adolescence causes stretch marks to appear. At the age of thirteen to fifteen, the body experiences sudden growth of all the body parts. This growth rate is the highest in our entire lifetime. This is the time when hips, breasts and other body parts are increased suddenly in height. The body parts grow faster than normal and so the skin cannot comfortably adjust, which causes stretch marks.

Increase in weight

Sudden and rapid increase in weight is also one of the reasons for what causes stretch marks. A sudden increase in body weight expands the cells of the skin. If this increase is slow, the skin can comfortably adjust to it but if this increase is sudden and fast, the skin does not get enough time to expand according to the growth, causing stretch marks.

Causes Stretch Marks

The above were some of the reasons which cause stretch marks. Today, you will find a complete and guaranteed solution for all these causes. You should visit your nearest dermatologist and find what causes stretch marks in you and get it treated easily.


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