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How To Clean The Volcano Vaporizer

If your volcano vaporizer’s performance has been compromised lately, maybe it is because the device needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the whole product with a piece of cloth is not enough to regain its glory and efficient working. You need to open the whole thing, take apart its components, clean them one by one and then assemble it back. It may sound like a hectic task but it is actually pretty easy once you know how to take it apart. Here are some tips to help you clean your volcano vaporizer without damaging any of the equipment.


  1. Unplug the vaporizer from the socket. Leave it to cool down for a while. Do not try to open it when it’s still hot from working continuously or you might end up damaging any of the rubber parts by touching them with the hot metallic ones.
  2. Remove the casing carefully and dip in a bowl of warm water. Leave it in the water for a while and then rub it with a soft wet cloth to clean out any dust particles. Don’t use any acids to detergents to clean the casing, just use tap water to rinse it and use a soft cloth to dry it after you have cleaned it.
  3. Use a moist piece of cloth to clean the inside of the device. Do not pour water on it as it might damage the device. Clean it with a soft cloth and then use a dry one to absorb the water droplets and the moisture that may have accumulated inside over time. Make sure to dry it completely before you assemble it again.
  4. Pull out the air filter from the bottom of the vaporizer. Turn it counter clockwise to take it out of the base structure. The sponge in the filter can be a lot dirtier than the casing as it absorbs all the dust particles and specks from the air. You need to clean it carefully to avoid the vaporization of dust particles into the air. Take out the sponge and replace it with a new one if it looks like it needs a replacement. While replacing it with a new one, clean out the insides of the filter with a wet cloth to remove the accumulated particles.
  5. Use a thin brush to reach out to the internal parts in the base that can be cleaned with a piece of cloth. Take out the dust particles with the help of a brush so that the vaporizer won’t be able to infuse them with steam.

Using the above steps, you can clean your volcano vaporizer and use it again to get purified steam without any risks of getting an infection from accumulated dust.