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Cellulite Exercises To Help Reduce Cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Exercises that will Keep you Fit

If you want to cut down on the appearance of cellulite on your skin regular exercise is important. Exercise not only helps burn fat but it also improves your circulation to keep your entire body healthy.

Regular vigorous activity also helps you keep your muscles as well as your skin firm and toned. The exercises shown will help you keep your thighs, buttocks, and abs tight as possible. It may even help you keep your upper arms fit and trim.

Cellulite Exercises

Here are simple exercise routines you can follow:

Exercise #1 – One of the easiest cellulite-busting routines you can do involves sitting on a high-backed chair and resting both feet flat on the floor. While in this position, your knees should be bent perpendicular to the floor (at a 90 degree angle). While sitting in this upright position, you should put a pillow between your thighs and squeeze it tightly between your legs. As you squeeze, exhale and then hold for a minute. Then release and repeat for a couple of sets of 10.

Exercise #2 – Another variation of Exercise #1 involves sitting on the same high-backed chair while resting your hands at your sides (on either side of you on the seat of the chair). Then, life your right leg while you exhale. Hold it in that position for about 30 seconds. Then, lower and repeat with your left leg. This will help work the fronts of your thighs. You may want to repeat this activity at least a couple of times on each leg every day.

Exercise #3 – Stand up straight and then step forward with your right foot. Your thigh should be parallel to the floor. Hold it in this position for a few seconds. Then release and repeat the same action with your left leg. This routine helps the best if you try repetitions of 10 for each leg at least three times a week. This is an activity that will firm your buttocks and thighs.

Exercise #4 – First, kneel on the floor. Then, rest your elbows on the floor right in front of you. If you are doing this exercise correctly your body should form an arch. From this arched position you should then straighten your back and life one leg upwards from behind you until it forms a straight line with your back. Then, lift it even higher until it forms an angle with the floor. Repeat this same process with your other leg. The purpose of this routine is to tighten your hamstring muscles located in the back of your thighs.

Exercise #5 – While performing this exercise you should lay face down on the floor. While doing so, rest your head on your arms while they are folded out. As you do this, make sure both of your hips are touching the floor. Then, lift your leg and hold it in that position. Point and flex your foot four times and repeat with this leg 6 to 8 times before doing the same thing with your other leg.

Exercise #6 – This exercise you can do while sitting at your home or work office or even while lounging in a TV chair. Just breath as you normally would while holding your buttocks muscles for 30 seconds. Release and repeat several times. It should be self-explanatory as to what part of the body for what this one is most helpful.